History of the IDEAS Group

The IDEAS Group was set up in 2005 to examine the issue of interoperability of Enterprise Architecture Data. The group consists of subject matter experts on the Australian, Canadian, UK and USA defence architecture frameworks. These experts have been working together in the IDEAS Group to define a common information structure for data exchange.

Initial development efforts took a traditional data modelling approach. However, it quickly became apparent that terminology differences between the nations was making this a difficult and imprecise approach. In late 2005 it was decided to trial the BORO Methodology. This is an approach that uses very rigid criteria for identifying common concepts. Its main advantage is that it does not rely on names for things, so is very effective at achieving consensus in team modelling sessions.

The BORO Method results in an Ontology. It was not the original aim of IDEAS to develop a formal ontology, but there are a number of advantages to this approach