IDEAS uses the BOROTM Methodology, which is very precise about criteria for identity. BOROTM reasons that in order to ascertain if two things are the same, we have to ground our reasoning in something that can be accurately identified. So, comparing two individuals, if they occupy precisely the same space at the same time, they are the same. Clearly this only works for individuals, but the principle can be used to compare types too. For two types to be the same, they must have the same members. If those members are individuals, their physical extents can be compared. If the members are types, then we have to keep analysing the members until we reach individuals, then they can be compared.

Note that at no stage in this analysis process have the names of the things being analysed come into play. This is the advantage of the BOROTM process – there is no possibility of confusion about what is being discussed. The process is slow, but not as slow as endlessly debating the meaning of a term, which is a common problem in collaborative model development.